The Ale Apothecary Walking Fish American Wild Ale, 9.19% ABV, 375ml Bottle

American Wild Ale bottle-fermented with Honey, aged in Wine Barrels.

Quantity: 6

"We think like land-dwellers when is comes to fresh hops. Recently we discovered that one of our very best beers was an aged version (3+ years) of a beer that had been dry-hopped prior to it’s wet hop infusion. So, thinking like an accordion-playing axolotl (the walking fish) we seized the day and transferred a dry-hop brew into freshly harvested Crystal hops from Sauvie Island. Drink now or age, the music will sound good either way. 100% naturally carbonated with honey and 100% Oregon. Unfiltered, open-fermented & barrel-aged. 320 bottles produced."