Off Color Miscellanea Vol. 3 Wild Ale, 7.8% ABV, 250 ml Bottle

Foedre Fermented Wild Ale. Collaboration with Central State, Jackie O's, Jester King, Side Project & Allagash Brewing Company.

Quantity: 3

"Miscellanea beers are an ongoing collaborative project collecting and incorporating the house bretts, native yeasts, and wild cultures from the many wild and mix fermentation breweries around the country near and dear to our hearts into a single foedre. For this third iteration, we’ve added Athens, Ohio’s venerable Jackie O’s acidifying microbes they refer to as ‘House Party’ to the established wild yeasts and bacterias remaining in the foedre from Central State, Allagash, Jester King, and Side Project as well a host of our own wild and native cultures"