La Trappe/Brewdog Practise What You Preach Trappist Quadrupel, 10% ABV, 25oz Bottle

Product of Netherlands. Where Monks meet Punks. Quadrupel with Scottish Heather Honey and American hops that boasts aromas of rich dried fruits. Hints of citrus fruits run subtly throughout, cutting through the sticky mouthfeel.

Quantity: 5

This unique ale is the result of a special collaboration between La Trappe and BrewDog. Brewed from a shared ambition to show that great beer can be great for the planet. A proportion of sales from Practise What You Preach will go to supporting the Made Blue Foundation that is on a mission to provide clean drinking water for everyone.

For every glass of Practise What You Preach, we guarantee 1,000 glasses of clean drinking water
in developing countries.