Brouwerij Boon Kriek Boon Lambic, 4% ABV, 375ml Bottle

Traditional Belgian Lambic. 100% spontaneously fermented ale. Aged 2 years in oak vats. Brewed in Lembeek, the village that gave Lambic its name.

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Brewed in Lembeek, town that gave Lambic its name, by Frank Boon, premiere revivalist brewer in Belgium. 100% spontaneously fremented by wild yeast, barrel aged for 2 years. Renowned for delicacy, balance, authentic Lambic attack & tartness. Unparalleled beers for cooking because of complexity and lack of hop bitterness. If the beer is not made in the Senne River Valley of Belgium, it cannot be called Lambic. The original of all fruit beers.